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In today’s market there are literally hundreds of different nutritional products available to you and many people have questions about which supplements to choose. Here is some information that might be helpful as you make important decisions regarding your health.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic supplements?
Many vitamin and mineral supplements are manufactured synthetically with chemicals and do not come straight from their natural sources. They are made to mimic the way natural vitamins act in our bodies. Natural vitamins are derived directly from the plant or animal material containing the vitamin, not produced in a test tube with chemicals.

While our bodies do utilize synthetic vitamins and minerals, the Organic Consumers Association emphasizes that isolated vitamins cannot be used or recognized by the body in the same way as the natural version.

I already take Omega 3’s and other supplements so I don’t need try a new one.
We offer a wide variety of high quality, physician grade supplements. This means:
  • They are made from natural ingredients, not synthetic chemicals.
  • They contain important co-factors and transporters which improve the way that the body recognizes, metabolizes, and uses them. Many synthetic vitamins lack these important co-factors. What this means – where you might only absorb and utilize 40% of a synthetic vitamin, with the addition of co-factors and transporters you may utilize up to 80% of the vitamin.
  • They DO NOT contain synthetic fillers (corn and wheat based products) that often cause inflammatory reactions within the body

Did you know...
  • that the vitamins you are now using are very likely synthetic?
  • that synthetic vitamins have only one component out of a whole family of micro-nutrients that accompany them in their natural state?
  • that only 50% of a synthetic vitamin can be utilized somewhat efficiently?
  • that some sensitive people may actually have an adverse reaction to the synthetic vitamins?
  • that scientists can chemically reproduce sea water but when you put fish in this synthetic sea water they die?
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