Our Approach

Our goal is to get our people back to the things they love to do.

Whether it’s pickleball, tennis, CrossFit, golf, walking or playing cards, we strive to keep you moving and get you ‘back in the game’ - enjoying life at any age. Our goal is to make each patient improve without having to return to the chiropractor excessively. We provide customized home stretch/exercise routines so patients can further their improvement and continue to manage their condition at home. More info on why to choose us

At North Brunswick Chiropractic, we embrace the latest in chiropractic technology and are always looking for ways to improve.

North Brunswick Chiropractic

Our approach at North Brunswick Chiropractic can be a little different than other chiropractic offices.

  • We tend to be more sports injury based, (...meaning we work on the soft tissue and surrounding musculature as well as the joint.) We believe that if you only work on the joint and do not address the surrounding muscles, the tight/strained muscles that attach to the restricted joints will continue to cause problems (muscle memory).
  • We have seen when addressing both components, patients get relief faster and it tends lasts longer. We want you to get back to doing the things you love to do without constant trips to the chiropractor.
  • We do NOT recommend long term treatment plans. At North Brunswick Chiropractic, after a thorough examination, we will give you our honest recommendation and we work together to achieve the goals you have. You will never see us recommending a scheduled out rigid care plan for several months. That’s just not our thing.
  • Every patient responds differently to treatment and therefore we work together and adapt based on the response. We will never hesitate to refer you to the appropriate health professional if we can’t help.

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Symptoms can be similar, Individuals are not.

We provide an unmatched level of care and the personal attention that has been missing from the health care industry for the past several years. Our doctors bring both Heart and Science to every appointment.

We listen to your concerns and explain our findings so that, together, we can put your pain and/or injury behind you. Each treatment is individually tailored to care for your present condition.

We realize that while symptoms can be similar, individuals are not and should not be treated that way. We are here to provide personalized quality health care. If we believe that we can’t personally help you, we will not hesitate to step aside and refer you to the appropriate physician who can.

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